Prerit Patel

The name "Prerit" in Gujarati can be written as પ્રેરિત and it means "inspired" or "motivated". It is derived from the Sanskrit word "Prerana" (પ્રેરણા), which means inspiration or encouragement. In this context, "Prerit" conveys the idea of someone who is inspired or has been motivated, possibly by a person, idea, or event. This name is often chosen for its positive connotations of being driven and enthusiastic. In India, our last name is Khichadia.



ALL BUSINESSES HAVE A.I. INTEGRATIONS*** NO INVESTORS EVER ***My business journey began in 1993 with a simple belief: full transparency of ALL transactions.Real Estate License since 1999
Auto, Life, WorkComp, Health, P&C licensed in all 50 states (as needed)
# RJ Employer Consulting: Strategic Finance & Controller
Founder & CEO | Global | Remote | May 2012 - Present
RJEC WEBSITEDelivering personalized consulting services that empower business owners and investors to take control of their operations and HR processes. My expertise echoes the cost-saving and efficiency benefits of modern PEOs, akin to industry leaders like ADP. Imagine being your own bank, payroll, and insurance company.BRANDS: Intuit, Lloyd's and AON Insurance, Uber, DoorDash, SaaS, uCaaS, iPaaS## Unique Value Adds:
- Control and Integration: Implementing solutions that integrate with general ledgers for operational efficiency.
- Data-Driven Insights: Utilizing data from personal investments and operations to reduce insurance premiums and operational costs.
- Strategic Decision-Making: Empowering businesses with robust reporting for informed decision-making.
Over 100 insurance carriers, telecom wholesale, Microsoft Partner, Google Integration, Server-side logics, Data-Control---# Lab & HR Testing Solutions: Comprehensive Diagnostic Health Services
Founder & CEO | Worldwide | Remote | May 2011 - Present
LTS WEBSITEFounded Lab Testing Solutions to provide a spectrum of drug testing services, which evolved into a broad healthcare solutions provider. Bridging critical gaps in healthcare, insurance, and taxation with cohesive systems for both businesses and individuals.BRANDS: eScreen, DISA, Waste Management, Amazon DSP, Quest Diagnostics, LabCorp, Abbott## Unique Value Adds:
- Technology Advancement: Witnessing the evolution from FormFox to comprehensive TPA systems, integrating HR solutions.
- Extensive Network: Collaborating with Quest, LabCorp, Abbott, and others to offer health and wellness services without traditional insurance dependencies.
- FCRA-Compliance: Using the most updated .gov resources to ensure compliance measures are consistent and fair for all TPA (Third Party Administrators). Found
---# J&M Mini Storage & Car Wash: Autonomous Operations & Shared Success
Owner | Watkinsville, GA | 2005 - Present
JM CAR WASH & STORAGE WEBSITEAt J&M, we're pioneering the future of local services with a fully automated storage and car wash facility. Designed with the community in mind, our operations are not just efficient but also secure, featuring a comprehensive security system that ensures peace of mind for our customers.## Advancements in Service:
- Fully Automated Systems: Our facilities operate with cutting-edge automation technology for 24/7 service without pause.
- Robust Security: Equipped with advanced security systems, we ensure the safety and protection of both customer property and our facilities.
- Profit-Sharing ESOP Model: Since 2013, we've embraced an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP), sharing profits with our dedicated on-site manager and plumber, reinforcing our commitment to team success and customer satisfaction.
- Projektive Kapital: Innovating with tokenized real estate as an E.S.O.P model. Leveraging web3, blockchain, EB5 investors, embedded finance.
- Turo: Developing mobility solutions for Airbnb visitors, focusing on insurance, logistics, and technology. Creating a fleet of cars for employers to offer employees.
- JM Mini Storage: Managing operations with AI and remote management technologies for seamless customer experiences.
## Skills and Expertise:
- DOT Regulations & Compliance
- CRM & Technology Integration in HR
- Business Development & Strategy
- Leadership & Time Management
Brand Experience: Amazon, Costco, Publix, Delta, BP, Taco Bell, Dominos, BestBuy, QuikTrip, Verizon Wireless, Publix, Costco, Microsoft, Google, OpenAI, CoPilotConnect with me on LinkedIn for strategic partnerships and solutions.

  • Served as Treasurer of Suwanee Business Alliance ( then President until 2018.

  • Served as inception Treasurer of Let's Get Clear GA.

  • Veterans assistance programs.


After witnessing 9/11 firsthand as a student and real estate agent at NYU, I graduated a year early. This acceleration came after a summer program at Johns Hopkins Medical, unexpectedly transforming into a Wall Street recruitment opportunity. My understanding of labor economics was profoundly shaped by Professor Avellaneda at NYU, guiding me towards entrepreneurship. The beauty of data captivated me, inspiring me to share it widely. However, as profiling in various areas became more prevalent, I made the decision to relocate south.In my journey as an entrepreneur, I have come to realize that the transparency of financials is the cornerstone of a sustainable business. It's not merely about having a clear view of the numbers, but about fostering a culture of honesty and openness that resonates through every facet of the organization. Leveraging technology, I've been able to establish systems that provide real-time insights into the financial health of my businesses, be it the consulting domain, the car wash service, or the storage solutions. This transparency not only aids in informed decision-making but also instills a sense of trust among stakeholders, be they employees, partners, or customers.Moreover, having a clear financial picture allows for better management and allocation of resources, ensuring that every dollar is spent judiciously and contributes to the overarching goal of delivering a superior consumer experience while maintaining lean operations. The insight into the financial workings also empowers me to identify and rectify inefficiencies swiftly, ensuring that the businesses remain agile and resilient in the face of evolving market dynamics.In every venture, my aim has been to reduce employee reliance by adopting technological solutions, thereby creating a model where the consumer experience is enhanced, and the operations are streamlined. This, coupled with financial transparency, has been a blueprint for nurturing a sustainable and growth-oriented business environment. Through this approach, I am not only able to uphold the values of honesty and integrity but also ensure that the businesses are poised for long-term success and sustainability in a competitive marketplace.NEVER DOUBT THE HEART & GRIT OF A FARMERRESPECT THOSE WHO RESPECT GRAVITY


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